Vivostat® Fibrin Set 

Autologous Fibrin matrix for optimum tissue regeneration

The Vivostat® Fibrin Set is required for preparing and applying the autologous Fibrin matrix obtained from 120 ml of the patient’s own blood. The matrix contains no exogenous Thrombin or constituents originating from cattle. The special feature of this Fibrin adhesive is its application over a long period without clotting. Furthermore, there is an option to co-deliver such substances as medications or stem cells. The substance is embedded in the Fibrin matrix, remaining in situ and delivering constantly over several days.

One set always contains one preparation kit and one application kit. The set can be ordered with every application kit. You can find an overview at “Vivostat® – the system”.

You can find detailed information on the Fibrin Set from Vivostat® here.

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