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As an ideal addition to our range, we have included the innovative EziSurg Medical™ product portfolio in our program. EziSurg Medical stapling products stand for the highest quality with an excellent price-performance ratio.
easyEndo Flex™ Universal Endolinear Stapler  impress with optimal adaptation to different tissue thicknesses with the unique PCT technology (Precise Staple Pocket Formation Technology) as well as more flexibility in difficult to access anatomical areas

due to the 60 degree articulation.


EziSurg™ products 


Adaptive adjustment to

different tissue thickness

thanks to PCT technology & self adjusting envil head.

The easyCS ™ Circular Stapler brings significant advantages and thus more safety for anastomoses. With the PCT technology, the staple height can be adaptively adapted to different tissue thicknesses.

The advantages 

  • Different staple hights for different areas of application and tissue thickness.

  • Optimized envil plate

  • Shortened staple and knife housing for easy and safe handling when inserting into narrower lumen

  • Special scalpel knife sharpening supports direct power transmission during the cutting process

  • Larger inner diameter of the anastomoses thanks to the special grinding geometry of the circular knife

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Available in different sizes and

two different staple heights

Special version with 3.5 mm staple height,

designed for esophageal and

jejunum anastomoses.

easyEndo Flex™ Universal Endolinear Cutter

The first 60° degree angled laparoscopic linear stapler.

The easyEndo Flex™ Universal Endolinear cutter   is the first 60° degree angled laparoscopic linear stapler. With the PCT technology, the staple height can be adaptively adjusted to different tissue thicknesses.

The advantages

  • Optimized anatomical view in colorectal, bariatric and thorax applications

  • Industry design for an optimized system from
    Side-to-side anastomoses

  • Easy positioning and manipulation of the  tissue through an expanded branch opening
    of 22 mm.

  • New knife for every application

  • Real one-hand operation

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easyEndo Flex ™ Universal Endolinear cutter handle

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