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Anastomotic Leak Prevention Percutanous Ileostomy
Innovative strategy to protect complex anastomoses in colorectal surgery.

AlpiTube™ system –  Establishment of a new "Golden Standard" With 1.36 million rectal cancers worldwide every year, this type of cancer ranks 3 of the most common cancers. The required oncological rectum resection poses a risk of anastomotic dehiscence/insufficiency (10% - 35%) in the postoperative course. This possible clinically relevant impact is almost 100% prevented with the creation of a temporary ileostomy. AlpiTube™Concept opens up an innovative and gentler way for postoperative treatment after oncological rectum resection.


Advantages of the AlpiTube™ concept

• No additional burden of a second operationfor the return of the temporary

Stomas – removal of the AlpiTube™ during the primary hospital stay

Reduced effort in aftercareof patients during and after

Elimination of the classic stoma-related complications(parastomal hernias, ileus,

wound infection, small bowel necrosis in obese patients, etc.)

In each phase there is the possibility of standardized treatment methods

(vacuum therapy, over-stitching) for anastomotic insufficiency.

Minimized psychological burden and maximum quality of life improvement

after the procedure for the patient

Maximum allowed implantation time of the AlpiTube : 29 days

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