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RiVOLUTiON Stapling Portfolio  
More security and confidence with the ESI EndoFlex GEN III Stapler and Circular Stapler. 

As an extension of our range, we have the innovative product portfolio of the companyBluesail Surgical  added to our Stapling portfolio. The ESI EndoFlex GEN III is the latest generation of mechanical staplers that combines all important features and production advantages in one instrument. The Circular Stapler achieves optimal staple deformation with different tissue thicknesses. A portfolio that is characterized by the highest quality and fits perfectly with the RiVOLUTiON range. This means even more freedom and possibilities for our customers. 

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RiVOLUTiON Stapling Portfolio by Bluesail Surgical 


Inspired by nature - integrated with proven technology.

The latest generation of mechanical EndoStapler, which sich through his houtstanding quality and easy handling. The ESI EndoFlex GEN III offers the option of using the right magazine for every indication. The ESI EndoFlex GEN III Stapler is the latest generation of mechanical staplers that combines all important features and production advantages in one instrument.  

TheESI EndoFlex GEN III seriesis intended for resection, anastomosis and secure tissue closure in abdominal, thoracic and bariatric surgery.

Droplet groove design

Even with lateral traction on the tissue during release, the patented droplet-shaped design of the pressure plate (Droplet Groove) ensures an exact B-deformation, as the larger target area brings the staples into the correct position. This guarantees clip deformation even with extremely thick, pre-irradiated tissue.

Gecko Surface

Precise staple guidance down to the tissue - horizontal and vertical stability - perfect B-shape. The surface design (Gecko Surface) ensures that the tissue is held securely – maximally reduced tissue advancement during release at the distal tip of the stapler magazine.

VHD Stacking - Variable Height Design

VHD StaplingTechnology (3 different staple heights in one magazine) ensure better hemostasis at the resection margin while maintaining microvascularity with variable staple heights.

Curved Tip Anvil

Ensures a better overview, easier maneuvering around the target tissue and vessels, and a more stable hold of the tissue in the magazine.

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