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CRYO-S® Painless
Painless thoracic surgery using cryoanalgesia

Thoracic surgery is one of the most painful procedures for patients, during and especially after the operation. The CRYO-S® Painless procedure is a highly effective and safe pre- or intraoperative application to guide pain management with transcutaneous, open or minimally invasive access. By temporary, active freezing of the conducting part (axon) of the intercostal nerves blocks the transmission of the pain impulse. Nerve regeneration begins immediately with a

growth of the axon from 1 to 1.5 mm per day. Conductivity is fully restored within a period of 35 days to several months.

Cryoanalgesia prevents the intense pain after a thoracotomy for the patient and thus prevents the risk of chronic  postoperative pain syndrome (CPSP). As a result, the administration of painkillers and opioids in the postoperative phase and drastically reduced in the regeneration process and the inpatient stay will be shortened. The CRYO-S® Painless procedure reduces the risk of addiction to painkillers against, patients gain faster their mobility back and can 100% devote to the regeneration process.


The benefits of cryoanalgesia for thoracic and cardiac surgery

Control of pain management: significant reduction or avoidance of strong analgesics

including opioids in the postoperative period and during recovery

Neuroma Prevention: Prevention for the development of chronic pain

No need for epidural analgesia

• Immediate and long-lasting pain relief

Long Term Pain Relief: 3 to 6 months

• Complete nerve regeneration

Reduced hospital stay

• ERAS concept: accelerated patient mobilization


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