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SoniCure™ ultrasonic technology
the comcomplete system on the cutting edge

The SoniCure™ Ultrasonic surgical system is a pioneering link in clinical surgical equipment. Ultrasonic energy is used to perform hemostatic cutting and safe coagulation of vessels and dissimilar to carry out tissue structures safely. 

The integrated, innovative  technology guarantees permanent performance monitoring during the

entire application. Thus, changes in the patient's tissue can be perceived immediately and by means of

intelligent feedback in real time, the energy output can be adjusted accordingly.

By optimizing the energy supply, improving thermal management and

The materials used have increased the efficiency of the instruments to the maximum.

  • Improved designthe conical tip, for a variety of uses and more accuracy.

  • titanium alloy bladewith very low hydrogen content to increase blade strength.

  • Extended working headto improve cutting speed and safety.

  • The system perceives changes in the patient's tissue and provides intelligentReal-time feedback.

  • Theimproved energy conversion rateAccelerates cutting speed and improves ability to securely occlude 7mm vessels. Reduced heat generation minimizes the risk of thermal damage.

  • TheHigh quality scalpelprovides a better heat dissipation and a
    more precise dissection safe.

  • Ergonomic transducer design

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SoniCure™ products 


SoniCure generator & handpiece

ensures an adaptive energy supply fit to changing tissue conditions


SoniCure™ generator & handpiece

SoniCure™ Generator

  • Increased security management: The generator adjusts the power output adaptively to the changing
    tissue condition. The mechanical power switch ensures system reliability and system security.

  • Efficient control algorithm for the ultrasonic drive circuit packed in a compact,
    modern design of the generator.

  • Adjustable volume setting to perceive different feedbacks.

    SoniCure™ Handpiece

  • Best quality:The aluminum alloy handpiece shell, made to measurmilitary aeronautical quality, with high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

  • State-of-the-art technology:First-class piezoelectric components guarantee product stability and highly efficient electro-acoustic conversion.

SC35C+ Left.jpg

SoniCure Ultrasonic scalpel

highest possible SSafety for the patient through flexibility andVersatility.

SoniCure™ Ultrasonic Scalpel

  • Unique cutting head structure: Ultrasonic scalpel with 4 different shaft lengths.
    The unique design of the scalpel increases the effective dissection length and enables a reliable sealing of
    blood vessels up to 7 mm in diameter.

  • Optimal operating conditions:  The curved scalpel design provides surgeons with ease during surgeries
    a better view and therefore more safety.

  • Maximum security:The optimized jaw design reduces the possibility of tissue slippage and improves
    the surgeon instrument manipulation during surgery.

  • 360° rotation possibility: The instrument tip can be rotated 360 degrees to meet all requirements
    in open and minimally invasive surgery.

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