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Surgical Innovations
With the YelloPort Elite port access system surgery rethink.

For over 30 years, surgical innovations from Surgical Innovations have taken place with the YelloPort-Technology a Vorrider role
Port access systems in minimally invasive surgery. 

Surgical techniques are constantly evolving. This increases the demand for solutions
who adapt to these advances while simultaneously reducing the impact on you
e reduce environment. An increasingly conscious approach to the ecological footprint that the health service creates,
is one of the cornerstones of product development. The Resposable® technology from Surgical Innovations
is an answer to these challenges

YelloPort uncompromisingly combines the most important features that users expect from a reusable port or single use port. This creates an optimal port access hybrid solution, developed and manufactured by Surgical Innovations in the UK.

  • Our goal is toTo support healthcare providers in achieving the necessary sustainability goals and to bring about a rethink across the industry that efficient solutions do not mean compromises in clinical application.

  • Surgical waste can be reduced by up to 85% per procedure.

  • Healthcare providers are under a lot of pressure to reduce costs. Surgical Innovation offers cost-effective, hybrid port access systems.

  • Since the introduction of the YelloPortconcept, over 3.2 million ports have already been used in global markets.

  • Theimproved energy conversion rateaccelerates cutting speed and improves the ability to securely close 7 mm vessels. Reduced heat development minimizes the risk of thermal damage.

  • Up to 73% reduced CO2 consumption

  • Only innovative and environmentally friendly solutions can meet the growing demands of approximately 14 million laproscopic procedures per year worldwide in the future.

  • By switching from the disposable trocar to the hybrid port access system, additional costs can be saved.


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