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OBSiDiAN® ASG® Anastomosis SafeGuard
Autologous Fibrin matrix for optimum tissue regeneration

The single-use set contains all the components necessary for the production and administration of OBSiDiAN® ASG®. OBSiDiAN® ASG® has been developed specifically for healing anastomoses. 


Combining the autologous blood platelet concentrate with the autologous Fibrin adhesive matrix generates a carrier substance that ensures controlled delivery of growth factors over a period of 5 to 7 days. This makes OBSiDiAN® ASG® the perfect medium for accelerated growth of new blood vessels or tissue proliferation.


Furthermore, this set is available with the option of co-delivery. Stem cells (bone marrow stem cells), cells (keratinocytes), medicinal products (antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, pain medications) can be administered safely and gently with the co-delivery option.


There is also an option to order this set in an endoscopic version. The endoscopy applicator is employed in minimally invasive surgery. It can be inserted easily into the endoscopic handle using a 5mm trocar. Here too, there is a co-delivery option. 

Download Flyer OBSiDiAN®

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