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OBSiDiAN RFT ® -  Regenerative Fistula Treatment

All common operating techniques in fistula surgery can be performed in combination with Obsidian RFT®. The patented micro-spray technology comes fully to bear, as complete refilling of the fistula tract and its interconnections is ensured.


The unique co-delivery option allows the user to apply an additional substance locally, protected in the autologous Fibrin matrix.


Combining the autologous blood platelet concentrate with the autologous Fibrin adhesive matrix generates a carrier substance that ensures controlled delivery of growth factors over a period of 5 to 7 days. This makes Obsidian RFT® the perfect medium for accelerated growth of new blood vessels or tissue proliferation.


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OTSC Proctology_Fistula Brush.jpg

Ovesco's Fistula Brush

Optimal standardized treatment is necessary for optimal healing, which is why Obsidian RFT® includes Ovesco's Fistula Brush. The Fistula Brush consists of a semi-flexible wire with a brush section in the middle, an eyelet on one end and a probing gun on the other end. This special brush is used to prepare the fistula canal, to remove tissue and debris, and to ablate the fistula canal.


The Fistula Brush cleans the fistula tract and removes the fistula epithelium - the optimal preparation for the subsequent filling of the fistula canals with Obsidian RFT® and thus the maximum healing success.

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