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RiVOLUTiON Products for Life

Innovative medical technology by RiVOLUTiON. In the medical word, new technologies are just as important as life itself. RiVOLUTiON has made it its task to reappraise developments and seek future-oriented solutions. It is only possible to take new paths in medical technology if development, materials and implementation interact and thereby allow medical products of the highest standard to arise.


RiVOLUTiON has made it its aim to develop medical technology that gives rise to new technologies rather than being based on existing developments.

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Our Products 

The Obsidian Set facilitates optimum tissue regeneration and is the world’s only autologous fibrin product with non-activated thrombocytes, which are protected in the fibrin matrix. Obsidian is the regenerative medicine of the future in colorectal surgery.

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The Vivostat® Fibrin Set is required for preparing and applying the autologous fibrin matrix obtained from 120 ml of the patient’s own blood. The special feature of this fibrin adhesive is its application over a long period without clotting. 

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The Vivostat® PRF Set is required for preparing and applying the autologous platelets with concentrated growth factors. These initiate the body’s healing response, thereby contributing significantly to a quicker healing process.


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Sabine Radmacher

Managing Director & COO

With know-how and passion.  Based on her years of experience in medical technology, Sabine Radmacher accompanies product innovations from their conception to their approval and through to their final market introduction.  

Office Team

Thomas Geir

Managing Director & CEO

With heart and mind.
Medical technology needs innovative people to enable product evolution and the formation of new product ideas. Thomas Geir has had more than 14 years’ worldwide success as a medical technology consultant.

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RiVOLUTiON Stapling-Portfolio

EZISURG – Qualität schafft Vertrauen. 
Mehr Sicherheit bei Anastomosen durch den Einsatz der Ezisurg PCT-Technologie. Durch die PCT-Technologie wird die Klammernaht adaptiv an unterschiedliche Gewebestärken angepasst.

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Das RiVOLUTiON® Stapling Portfolio findet mit den Stapler-Produkten von Waston Medical eine optimale Ergänzung. Ein breites Sortiment, das durch innovative Technik

für verschiedene Eingriffe die optimale

Lösung bietet.

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Zuverlässigkeit, höchste Qualität und Bedienungsfreundlichkeit zeichnen das endolineare Stapling-Portfolio von Fengh® Medical aus. Eine Vielzahl an Features minimiert das Risiko für den Patienten und verbessert gleichzeitig das Ergebnis. Exklusivvertrieb durch die RiVOLUTiON GmbH.

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