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 If you want to go new ways, you have to leave old paths. Manfred Grau

Congresses 2023

Overview of the congresses at which we will be live in 2023.


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Cryoanalgesia: the revolution for pain management in thoracic surgery.

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New ways of protecting complex anastomoses with the AlpiTube™ concept.

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product news

Fulbright Medical's new
Lunar U with LED display for increased safety.

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Innovative medical technology by RiVOLUTiON. In the medical word, new technologies are just as important as life itself. RiVOLUTiON has made it its task to reappraise developments and seek future-oriented solutions. It is only possible to take new paths in medical technology if development, materials and implementation interact and thereby allow medical products of the highest standard to arise.


RiVOLUTiON has made it its aim to develop medical technology that gives rise to new technologies rather than being based on existing developments.

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RiVOLUTiON ®  Products for Life

Anker 1

RiVOLUTiON Energy portfolio


The SoniCure™ Ultrasound Surgical System is a pioneering link in clinical surgical equipment. Ultrasonic energy is used to safely perform hemostatic cutting and coagulation of vessels and various tissue structures.

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RiVOLUTiON Stapling-Portfolio


Bluesail Surgical
The Stapling portfolio for more
Security and flexibility through the
ESI EndoFlex GEN III and
Circular stacker.


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Reliability, highest quality and ease of use characterize the endolinear stapling portfolio Fulbright® Medical off. A variety of features minimize the risk for the patient and at the same time improve the result.

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This is characterized by experience, technical know-how, innovative spirit and service
Stapling portfolio by

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The RiVOLUTiON® Stapling Portfolio finds an optimal complement with the staple suture products from Waston Medical. An innovative standard range offers an optimal solution for a wide range of products.

surgical procedures.

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The AlpiTube™ concept opens up an innovative and gentler way for postoperative treatment after oncological rectal resection.

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Cryoanalgesia in thoracic surgery is
Revolution for pain management in thoracic surgery.

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Bioactive matrix for the
Tissue regeneration.

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Port Access System YelloPort Elite

YelloPort combines without compromise
the most important features that users expect from a reusable port or single use port. This creates an optimal port access hybrid solution, developed and manufactured by Surgical Innovations (UK).

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Mircoline Surgical

The unique reposable MICROLINE technology combines a high-quality, reusable handpiece with a complete portfolio of single-use & reusable attachments such as scissors, dissector tips, and much more.

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Sabine Radmacher

Managing Director & COO

With know-how and passion.  Based on her years of experience in medical technology, Sabine Radmacher accompanies product innovations from their conception to their approval and through to their final market introduction.  

Office Team

Thomas Geir

Managing Director & CEO

With heart and mind.
Medical technology needs innovative people to enable product evolution and the formation of new product ideas. Thomas Geir has had more than 14 years’ worldwide success as a medical technology consultant.

 Sales Team 

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