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The Inside System

Specially developed chyme reinfusion therapy

for high-output small intestinal fistulas, Intestinal failure and rehabilitation

The Inside's system is an innovative medical technology system

for automatic chyme reinfusion. The system enables the patient to work independently at any time.Chymus reinfusion at home and on the go. This means a Significant reduction in the amount of work involved in handling Chymus reinfusions compared to previous manual methods.

The Chymus reinfusion therapy is a procedure for patients

with severe intestinal failure due to high-output small intestinal fistulas. Through chymus reinfusion therapy, patients can use the nutrient-rich chyme that enters the stoma. The system reinfuses the chyme back into the distal part of the intestine.and thus restores continuity. This allows patients to resume oral nutrition

and reducing or weaning parenteral nutrition. 


Advantages of the Insides System

Reducing malnutrition:  85% improved food intake

Back to oral nutrition: > 91% were weaned from parenteral nutrition

Improved liver function: 53% reduction in liver abnormalities

Restoration of intestinal function: Prevent intestinal atrophy and inflammationaperate

Patient nutrition index:Improved nutritional risk index by 10.9

Significant economic savings:Cost savings by reducing parenteral

                                                    nutrition and hospital stays


Download The Insides System Folder

The Inside System has piqued your interest?

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